Tyler indoor playground integrates play with learning, therapy
News - 2022-05-11 17:14:07

Taylor's indoor playground integrates learning with games, providing local children with opportunities to gather, grow and develop together.

Little Land Tyler opened in 2019 and was originally focused on open games and birthday parties. The company slowly began to add courses -such as sensory art, music exploration and "primary school students", as well as spring vacations and summer summer camps.

According to the owner Melissa McDonald, the recent new projects include pediatric physics, occupation and speech therapy.

"We have experienced therapists, and they really put their jobs to help our patients achieve their development goals," McDonald said.

McDonald said that each lesson provides activities to activate thinking and sensory activities in an interesting way.

"In sensory art, children will do art projects and experience different art elements, such as texture, form and color," she said. "Our music exploration course is led by the music therapist certified by the board of directors. Children will enjoy singing and dancing and experience different types of instruments. Our primary school student course is provided once a week for two hours each time. This course is aimed at 3 to 5 During the LITTLE Learners, children will be exposed to early reading, writing and mathematical skills to prepare for the early reading, writing and mathematical skills. "

McDonald said that she felt that the gym was beneficial to the community and received positive feedback from parents.

McDonald said that the facility also provided a weekly parent night. During this period, the gym allowed children to stay for four hours, including pizza dinner.

McDonald said the gym runs with every child, running and safety. Each staff member will undergo background investigation and must obtain CPR certification. She said the proportion of five children to an adult.

"Little Land's mission is to make children happy in playing, and at the same time experience growth and development," McDonald said.

The gym is preparing for the six -week summer camp. Each summer camp has different themes for children aged 2 to 6. Summer camps will include art projects, story time, gym game time, etc.

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