How to Open a Trampoline Park?
News - 2022-04-26 16:03:58

How to Opan a Trampoline Park ?

As we all know, trampoline projects have been developed globably many years. And it can already be seen in major cities. Now many investors are very eager to seize the opportiunity to run a trampoline pak. However, when choosing a venue, I don’t know what the height requirements of the trampoline park are and what special requirements are there. Let’s take a look at it together.

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First, the height of the trampoline park is required. There are many entertainment equipment in the trampoline hall, including free trampoline, sponge ball pool and other items, especially the large-scale equipment has very strict requirements on the height of the trampoline hall. Very depressing. Height requirements of trampoline park. For trampoline parks for children, the minimum requirement is a clear height of more than four meters, and the clear height of trampoline park for adults should be more than five meters. If the trampoline park is relatively large and it is a comprehensive venue, the height is the best to eep it above six meters. Generally speaking, the higher the height of the trampoline park, the more equipment can be placed, and the better the experience for tourists will be.

Second, trampoline venue requirements. Trampoline parks have strict height requirements. They are generally set up in large shopping malls or factories. The ground in the entire venue is required to be flat, without potholes and good ventilation conditions. It is best to set up several shutters. If there is a column, it is best not to have it.

Third, the fire protection requirements of the trampoline park. There must be two or more safe entrances and exits in the trampoline park. If it is in the shopping mall, it needs to have an independent entrance and exit, not only at the location below the 10th floor, but also not in the underground garage, the laying of the circuit must be complied with relevant safety regulations, keep combustibles away from equipment with higher power, and at the same time, there must be clear fire signs, safe entrances and exits, etc. in the trampoline park, and set up fire equipment according to the area of the venue to ensure completeness.

The height requirements of trampoline parks are determined according to different positions, which are closely related to the abundance of equipment. It is recommended that you set up in large shopping malls or factories, and at the same time, you must strictly abide by the corresponding site requirements and fire protection requirements. I hope this article can help everyone.

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