Air City 360 air-coaster amusement park in north Colorado Springs challenges visitors to defy gravity
News - 2022-07-05 23:17:56

Attractions include The City, The 360, Zipway, Jump Bags, Air-Active Zones, trampolines, Xtreme Dodge Ball, The Sky Tower, Arcade Zone, City Cafe’, Sky View/City View Party Rooms and Party Tables.

Deborah Dettmann, the park’s director of operations, founder and co-owner, said the company took its name because it offers “360 degrees of adventure.”

“Participants flip, zip or soar through the air on our attractions,” Dettman said. “We are a unique adventure park in the family entertainment center of the amusement business. We provide fun and awesome parties. We are a place where kids of all ages can come to celebrate a family outing or reunion, sports leagues, team bonding or a traditional award-winning birthday party.”

The 360 ride invites visitors to defy gravity while soaring through 500 feet of airspace. The ride originated in Europe and is the park’s most unique feature, and was created specifically for the park’s building, Dettmann said.

“Actually, the building was designed around it. The ride is 500-square-feet of rail attached to our roof. You start off by jumping off a 40-foot ramp while being suspended in the air from this railing while in a very safe harness. It is gravity-fed so every ride is different while you flip-zip-soar over the entire building,” Dettmann said.

Participants also can flex their climbing muscles on the SkyTower, a one-of-a-kind vertical climbing obstacle course. The City, Colorado’s largest obstacle-filled mega-inflatable, is regarded as the ultimate challenge. Also, the Zipway, a 60-foot dual zip line, is sure to please.


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