800m2 INJBELL FEC Proposal for Anhui Project
News - 2022-07-26 16:49:10

800m2 INJBELL FEC Proposal for Anhui Project

A family entertainment center , often abbreviated as FEC in the leisure industry, is a kind of small amusement park includes a wide range of entertainment options that offers fun for visitors of all ages. Visitors can enjoy themselves all day along. 

FEC is a good place for friends, families, teenagers or colleagues. Whatsmore, its also a great option for Children's party. 

This project is in Hefei, Anhui Province China. The owner Mr.Zhang wanted to build a amusement park with combination of activities. And then he found us INJBELL. We introduced him the concept of FEC and make a layout for him according to his site immediately. There are many different kinds of activities can be founded in family entertaainment center, including indoor playground, trampolines, soft play games, ninja course, high rope courses, laser tag golf, bowling alleys and virtual games (VR and AR) etc. Thats exactly what Mr.Zhang wanted! The whole family and a group people can have fun with various types activities. They can play in the playground, jump on the trampoline or climb on climbing walls. 

Those real photos are the best prove that how successful project we did together. The average daily flow capacity of 1000 visitors. It will be 1500+ visitors in holidays. 

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